Silke Otto-Knapp: A series of images following one from the other …

This artist’s book was made together with my dear and much-missed friend Silke Otto-Knapp (1970–2022). As is explained on the back cover, it was conceived as a miniature version of an eponymous suite of paintings intended to wrap around the walls of a gallery. In order to reproduce the serial nature of the work, the book is unbound and can be taken apart to form one long image, the put back together to be able to read an interview with curator Kitty Scott. 

It was printed using a custom color calibration system developed by Maximage, a design studio then based in London, in order to reproduce as closely as possible the very specific tone and texture of Silke’s work. This involved printing with two different blacks and an opaque white, all three of which are also used to articulate the title on the cover.