The Last ShOt Clock

This sprawling Dexter Sinister project began with an image of a wristwatch that shows the second hand bending across the duration of a CMYK scan. This was followed a couple of years later by a digital equivalent: a classic Casio digital watch reprogrammed to make time snake through its liquid crystal display.

A couple of years later we similarly manipulated the clocks at either end of a basketball court in Venice for the joint Cyprus/Lithuania Pavilion at the Venice Biennial, titled o/O. The facing scoreboard interface counted through 16 seconds via a binary on-off o/O system, similar to an abacus. This led us to compose a long-form poem concerned with ways of exiting regular modes of time, which was first delivered as a time-travelling performance alongside a related exhibition at CAC Vilnius on the cusp of the 2014 summer solstice.

Detritus from both events was exhibited at Kunstverein München as part of a Dexter Sinister retrospective in 2015, On a Universal Serial Bus, including an immaterial Solstice poster made of projected light. A prototype miniature multiple of the Venice clock was made in Rome in 2018, while the poem-performance is currently being translated into a multipart video.

CAC Vilnius
Kunstverein München
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