The Serving Library

Founded in New York together with David Reinfurt and Angie Keefer, The Serving Library is a non-profit organization that variously serves as a publishing platform, a seminar room, an event space, and a collection of around 100 framed objects that has been exhibited in many gallery, museum and educational spaces worldwide. Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey joined in 2016, Angie left in 2017, and Vincenzo Latronico joined in 2018.

The enterprise was fundamentally conceived as a pedagogical project, best summed up as a “toolbox for teaching.” It is rooted in a journal published biannually as Dot Dot Dot (2000 –10), Bulletins of The Serving Library (2011–17), and now less frequently as The Serving Library Annual. Individual “bulletins” are free to download from and simultaneously published as a printed journal. The Serving Library’s collection of objects is currently being hosted and managed by 019 in Ghent, Belgium.